What are the top 10 biggest humanitarian crises worldwide this year?

What are the top 10 biggest humanitarian crises worldwide this year?

It is important to note that the ranking of humanitarian crises may vary depending on the source and specific criteria used. However, based on various reports, the following ten crises are commonly highlighted as major humanitarian emergencies in 2021:

1. Yemen Crisis: Yemen has been enduring a severe humanitarian crisis for years, with conflict, famine, and healthcare collapse leaving millions in need of aid.

2. Syria Crisis: The ongoing conflict in Syria, which began in 2011, has caused widespread displacement, destruction, and humanitarian needs.

3. South Sudan Crisis: South Sudan faces continuous violence, conflict, and displacement, resulting in a significant humanitarian crisis and food insecurity.

4. Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: The construction of a massive dam in Ethiopia is contributing to a regional water dispute, affecting millions in Sudan and Egypt.

5. Tigray Crisis: The conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has left many in urgent need of humanitarian assistance due to violence, displacement, and food insecurity.

6. Afghanistan Crisis: With ongoing conflict, economic challenges, and instability, Afghanistan is grappling with a significant humanitarian situation, worsened by the recent Taliban takeover.

7. Venezuela Crisis: Venezuela is experiencing a multifaceted crisis, including a political and economic collapse, leading to severe food and medicine shortages and mass migration.

8. DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo): The DRC faces an ongoing humanitarian crisis due to conflict, displacement, and the worst Ebola outbreak in its history.

9. Rohingya Crisis: While this crisis began in 2017, the Rohingya refugee situation in Bangladesh remains severe, as refugees face restrictions, inadequate living conditions, and lack of access to basic services.

10. COVID-19 Pandemic: The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused immense humanitarian challenges, including health crises, economic shocks, and disruptions to education and basic services worldwide.

These crises represent just a fraction of the many complex humanitarian emergencies ongoing across the world, and the rankings provided are not definitive, but rather a general overview.

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