What are the top 10 major acquisitions or mergers in the business world this year?

What are the top 10 major acquisitions or mergers in the business world this year?

As an AI model, my responses are based on data available up until September 2021. Below are some major acquisitions and mergers that occurred this year:

1. AT&T and Discovery: AT&T announced the spinoff and merger of its media assets, including WarnerMedia, with Discovery in a deal valued at $43 billion.
2. WarnerMedia and Discovery: Alongside the merger deal with AT&T, Discovery also acquired WarnerMedia to create a new entertainment company to compete with streaming giants.
3. Salesforce and Slack: Salesforce acquired the communication and collaboration platform Slack in a $27.7 billion deal, aiming to strengthen its business software portfolio.
4. Aon and Willis Towers Watson: Insurance brokerage firms Aon and Willis Towers Watson agreed to merge in a $30 billion deal, combining two major players in the insurance and risk management industry.
5. Morgan Stanley and Eaton Vance: Financial services firm Morgan Stanley completed the acquisition of investment management firm Eaton Vance in a $7 billion deal, expanding its asset management capabilities.

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6. Thoma Bravo and Calypso Technology: Private equity firm Thoma Bravo acquired Calypso Technology, a software provider for financial markets, in a deal reportedly worth over $3 billion.
7. Intuit and Credit Karma: Intuit, known for its financial software QuickBooks, acquired Credit Karma, a free credit score provider, in a $7.1 billion deal to expand its consumer-focused offerings.
8. Bright Health and Zipnosis: Bright Health, a health insurance startup, acquired telehealth company Zipnosis to enhance its virtual care capabilities.
9. Square and Afterpay: Payment company Square agreed to acquire Afterpay, an Australian “buy now, pay later” platform, in a $29 billion deal, aiming to expand its consumer payment services globally.
10. Robinhood and Say Technologies: Online brokerage platform Robinhood acquired Say Technologies, a platform for shareholder voting, in an effort to improve corporate governance options for its users.

Please note that this list may not include all major acquisitions and mergers, as there are several notable deals happening continuously in the business world.

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